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Judy Kunofsky 11Jan2013 Yiddish Book Center

Judy Kunofsky was born in New York City to a secular family. She attended the Arbeter Ring (Workmen's Circle) as a child for four years. She moved to California after college and to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1972. After going to KlezKamp for more than a dozen years, she and colleagues decided to create a non-profit in the Bay Area to promote Yiddish culture and klezmer music. KlezCalifornia was formed in 2003 and is now a thriving part of the Bay Area Jewish scene. Judy learned Yiddish at Arbeter Ring, but then did not speak or read it for thirty-five years, until she reconnected with Yiddish at KlezKamp. For almost twenty years now, she has been reading Yiddish literature every week with a friend.

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To cite this interview: Judy Kunofsky Oral History Interview, interviewed by Christa Whitney, Yiddish Book Center's Wexler Oral History Project, Berkeley, California, January 11, 2013. Video recording, ( [date accessed] )

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